School Cleaning 


Vicstar Services set out to meet your needs for a clean, and comfortable teaching environment

We know that this plays an important role to help create a wonderful learning experience for students so we have developed a range of services

specifically for schools and colleges to efficiently manage their cleaning services and provide best return on their investment.

We deliver tailored cleaning solutions for Schools, Universities and Further Education Facilities.

You can rely on us to meet your variable demands by tailoring a cost effective cleaning service that addresses 

your precise requirements.



Office Cleaning 


We provide an efficient and affordable cleaning service to different industries from small offices to leisure centres to large office blocks, each project having a tailor made cleaning specification to suit  individual business needs.

With our office cleaning services we can guarantee specific routine cleaning to suit your requirements which will improve the look of your working environment. We will supply fully trained and experienced staff to carry out your cleaning specification who are also supervised by area managers on a regular basis. Cleaning is carried out at a time that suits your business and we are flexible at all times. We strive to ensure that all cleaning specs are fully completed each time therefore maintaining a level of cleanliness that you would expect from our services!

Additional cleaning requirements for example window cleaning, can be added to your service. This can be carried out as part of your regular cleaning or scheduled to be done monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly or alternatively you can just schedule the additional cleaning as it is required! Flexibility is second to none with our management and we understand how important this can be for particular industries.

Our contract cleaning services include: