We at Vicstar Services acknowledge the amount of time, effort and money devoted to building new schools homes or offices.
We also know that your utmost desire would be for your buildings to be clean and beautiful for it's final presentation.
Construction is stressful and we’re ready to help you with your post construction cleaning needs.
Your customers should not move in until Vicstar Services has provided a professional post-construction clean.
Our promise to you is that the interior and exterior of your property will look clean, smell fresh and instill a sense of pride among its new occupants.

Construction dust is the most difficult to clean as it settles on  virtually every surface.
The  removal of all the dust and debris that construction companies leave behind after their work is finished is of significant inportance to us.
We know the details that need to be addressed in order to ensure  that dust does not return in the future.
We put in the  hard work so that you can get back to business. When we are finished your buildings will be ready for occupation.

After the post construction cleaning we can  provide regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your building looking for a very long time.

  Post construction clean up can include the items below but is not limited to the items below:    


                                                            New homes



                                                                         Schools, or offices etc





Whether it's for new construction cleaning or just partial construction cleaning, Vicstar Services is a cleaning company you can rely on and trust.

If you are a construction company or building owner, and you are looking for cleaners for  a construction project we have the most affordable and competitive rates.

For more information on our post construction services feel free to call us at EIRE 046-9011408/ UK 07857556404.